And then there were three


For months we’ve been led to believe that Westminster councilors Herb Atchison, Bob Briggs, Mary Lindsey and Scott Major would be the candidates for Mayor of Westminster.

In fact last week the city clerk and the election commission held a drawing to determine their placement on the ballot. Now maybe you didn’t think ballot placement mattered.

Folks, it matters a great deal. Good top line placement can give that candidate about a 10 percent edge.

Back in the Day

Back in the day when city elections were by precinct and there were no mail-in-ballots, candidates campaigned right up until Election Day and precinct voting could foretell with some degree of accuracy how the vote would come out.

But then came those pesky main-in-ballots and it has thrown elections today into a holding pattern for several weeks prior to Election Day. Now by the end of August the city clerk has closed the window for candidates, and the next process was the ballot placement which took place already.

A bombshell

Well, to try to make a long story short, we all assumed the ballot would be printed with the four city councilor’s names as candidates.

However, last Friday night at a city dinner, Scott Major announced he was dropping out for “health reasons.” And that, dear readers, throws the whole process in disarray when it comes to ballot placement.

I’ve tried in vain to get someone who is a legal authority to determine if the name just gets dropped from the mail-in-ballot or will a new drawing take place. Obviously, some candidates for mayor and three council seats who got bad placement in the previous drawing would like to draw over.

Then late Monday, I received word that Westminster had decided that major’s name would be removed from the ballots, and everyone below him would move up one space.

How it is now

If the status quo prevails, here’s how the ballot will look for both Adams and Jefferson Counties in the Westminster portion of those counties.

Adams County

For Mayor: 1. Mary Lindsey 2. Herb Atchison 3. Bob Briggs

City portion of Jefferson County

For Mayor: 1. Bob Briggs 2. Herb Atchison 3. Mary Lindsey

Three openings for city councilor candidates in Adams County:

1. A.J. Elserougi 2. Emma Pinter 3. Suzanne Ramirez 4. David DeMott 5. Alberto Garcia 6. Debbie Bergamo 7. C. Michael Litzau 8. Bruce Baker

In Jefferson County portion of Westminster:

1. Michael Litzau 2. Alberto Garcia 3. Bruce Baker 4. Emma Pinter 5. Suzanne Ramirez 6. Debbie Bergamo 7. A.J. Elserougi 8. David DeMott

So there you have it.

For a while there was a real undercurrent that the political Democrats and Republican parties are heavily involved. But now the interest will be on that vacancy for mayor. Next week we’ll delve into the District 50 mill levy override and the lack of competition for the two school board seats.

P.P.S. You should get your ballot in the mail by October 13-15.

Stay well, stay involved and stay tuned.

Vi June is past Democratic state representative for House District 35. She is a former mayor of Westminster and a former newspaper publisher. A Westminster resident for more than four decades, she and her husband, Bob, have five grown children and eight grandchildren..


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