Community Christian School: Making an impact


As 22 seniors at Community Christian School get ready for their graduation on May 25, they took time with staff to answer a few questions about their last year in high school.

About the class of 2013:

The CCS Class of 2013 is a unique group of students who deeply love each other, their teachers, and God.

The class is a family with over half the students having been together for the past 13 years and all of them have been together for high school. 

They have created a strong bond woven together over the years through activities, sports, clubs, and classes.

They all genuinely care for each other and enjoy being with one another.

What are some highlights of the year? 

Our beloved English teacher battled cancer this year.

We will remember how the school came together to pray for her, fund raise, and encourage her throughout the year. 

Our highlights included creating our homecoming float, the Mystery Machine, complete with Shaggy and the gang, the creative Senior Night Live skits, the Western Hoedown, Volleyball Senior Night, volunteering for the United Fantasy Flight, and the high school play.

What will you remember most about the CCS Class of 2013?

The Class of 2013 is not satisfied with being average. 

The students work hard and excel in academics, sports, music, ministry, and many other areas.

They will be remembered for their camaraderie and encouragement. 

This class is dedicated to finishing a task with diligence, purpose and excellence.

They will continue to positively impact the world around them.

What do you think the graduating students will remember most about 2013? 

The class of 2013 will remember that their senior year was filled with many group experiences that drew them closer to God, the CCS staff, and to each other.

They have learned how to work as a team using their individual strengths to benefit the group.

They have a strong desire to do their best and they understand the value of doing it.


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