Election results recap for candidates, questions


The Adams County Clerk’s office did not release unofficial final results until 5:01 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6, several hours past the Northglenn-Thornton Sentinel’s press time.

According to the county’s website, adcogov.org, the clerk’s office received nearly 21,000 ballots on Election Day and halted counting after posting preliminary results at 1:37 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 6. Counters did not resume counting until 9 a.m. that Wednesday.

Despite having 8,000 ballots left to be counted and two close races, one in Mapleton and another in Northglenn, the unofficial final results did not change the outcome reported in the paper’s Nov. 7 issue. However, the following is a recap of the unofficial final results of board, council and ballot issues. The results will remain unofficial until a canvass certification on Nov. 19-20.

Thornton’s ballot questions

Voters showed an overwhelming support for Issue 2B, which extends the .25 percent city sales and use tax for 20 years. The Parks and Open Space Tax funding go toward purchasing and improving parks, open space and trails. The issue passed with 69.23 percent, or 15,267 votes. The no votes tallied at 6,786 votes, or 30.77 percent.

Voters shot down an attempt to extend the City Council term limits from two consecutive terms to three. Unofficial final results show that Issue 2C failed with 66.12 percent, or 14,544 votes against the measure. The votes in favor for the item stood at 7,454 votes, or 33.88 percent.

An overwhelming amount of voters were against lowering the minimum age to qualify to serve as mayor or council member from 25 to 21 - 83.51 percent, or 18,435 votes, rejected Question 2D. The yes votes cast stand at 3,640, or 16.49 percent.

Voters approved Question 2E, which amends the city’s charter language so that, in the event of a mayoral vacancy, the mayor pro tem becomes acting mayor until the next regular election. This means that council would operate with only eight members, but it saves the city the cost of holding a special election. The measure passed by 67.10 percent, or 14,302 votes. The no votes stand at 7,014 or 32.90 percent.

Voters also approved by 79.32 percent, or 16,993 votes, Question 2F, adding a continuity of government provision to the city charter in the event that a quorum of council is not able to meet during an emergency, which could include an enemy-caused disaster or weather-related event. The no votes cast stood at 4,429, or 20.68 percent.

Question 2G also got strong support with 71.18 percent, or 14,884 people voting to amend the city’s charter to define fire fighter as regular sworn fire fighters up to and including the rank of lieutenant and regular emergency medical technicians who are not supervisors whose primary duties are to provide emergency medical or fire suppression services. The no votes stood at 6,025, or 28.82 percent.

Thornton ward race

One seat was open for each of Thornton’s four wards, however only Ward 4 had a contested race. Janifer “Jan” Kulmann won the seat receiving 61.82 percent (3,827 votes) while her opponent, Adam Matkowsky received 38.18 percent (2,364 votes).

Northglenn mayoral, ward races

Mayor Joyce Downing was victorious with her re-election bid by receiving 64.68 percent, or 4,321 votes. Her opponent, Gene Wieneke, had 2,360 votes, or 35.32 percent.

Along with the mayor seat, one seat was open for each of Northglenn’s four wards, and only the Ward I seat was not contested.

Incumbent Joe Brown secured his Ward II seat by receiving 73.77 percent (827 votes) over his opponent Loyal “Herb” Barstow, who got 26.23 percent, or 294 votes.

Kyle Mullica won the Ward III position and received 55.35 percent (600 votes). His opponent, Angelia McConico, received 44.65 percent (484 votes).

Incumbent Kim Snetzinger received 54.18 percent (1,154 votes) and won her re-election run. Her opponent, Antonio Esquibel, received 45.82 percent (976 votes).

Northglenn tax extension

Voters supported issue 2J by 68.05 percent, or 4,819 votes. The measure extends the one-half percent sales and use tax that expires in 2015 to be used exclusively to enhance or increase the city’s water supply. The passage means the tax will not expire until Dec. 31, 2025. The no votes cast stood at 2,263 or 31.95 percent.

Mapleton board race

Five candidates vied for three open seats on the Mapleton Public Schools Board of Education. The top three candidates and winners were Stephen Donnell, with 23.62 percent or 2,281 votes; Sheila Montoya, with 22.99 percent or 2,220 votes; and Jen Raiffe, with 21.17 percent, or 2,044 votes.

Adams 12 board race

Two board seats were up in Adams 12 Five Star Schools, but only District 3 had a contested race with four candidates vying for the position. Kathy Plomer won the seat by receiving 38.11 percent or 11,277 votes.


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