Federal Heights business takes butter to the next level


In 2004, Janey and John Hubschman came up with the idea of producing and selling compound flavored butters.

They called their endeavor Epicurean Butter, and at the time were the only retailer to take simple butter and spice it up. Now the couple’s butter is sold in over 20 retail stores across the country including Whole Foods and most recently, Sprouts.

And this delectable product is created right here in Federal Heights.

“A light bulb just kind of went off. We were looking for a business and with my background in restaurants I noticed there wasn’t a retail flavored butter product,” John said. “In restaurants they make is as a matter of course every day, but there wasn’t a product out there on the marker for the public, so we decided to start our own company.”

Janey and John moved Epicurean Butter into their Federal Heights building at 9355 Elm Court in January 2011. Every week the couple is busy making and packaging 15 different butter flavors, with the help of their four-person production team Rosa Morales, Jessica Bermejo, Leopoldo Villegas and Renato Alvarez, who have all been with the couple from the beginning. With experience as a chef in fine dining, John created each flavor and continues to create new flavors for custom orders.

He gets his compound butter and freshly frozen herbs from California and his spices from Denver-based Rocky Mountain Spice Company.

But with creative juices flowing, it’s sometimes hard to keep those at bay.

“We are really trying to stick with the flavors we have. But sometimes it’s a struggle because John is so creative,” Janey said. “Over nine years we introduced and deleted so many flavors, so we are trying to just find more retailers to sell to.”

There are savory and sweet Epicurean Butter flavors, like roasted garlic herb, the most popular, and caramel sea salt. With a variety of flavors, Janey said she hopes their product provides people the opportunity to have restaurant-quality meals in their own homes.

And although their flavored butters are shipped to places all over the country, seeing their product on the shelves in a grocery store never gets old.

“It’s really nice to know you have created something that can stand the test of time be and to be able to walk into a grocery store and see something we created is a very satisfying feeling,” John said.

“Especially when you travel far away, like to Maryland, and you see your product in the grocery story,” John said. “That’s when it really hits you.”

For more information on Epicurean Butter and a list of retailers, visit www.epicureanbutter.com.


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