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Last week's editorial, "Time for major immigration reform," suggests that those who have come here illegally deserve amnesty via the S. 744 bill. And Amnesty is what the Gang of Eight and bill S.744 is really all about. No one should be deceived about what "comprehensive immigration reform" means, other than giving amnesty to an estimated 12 million illegal aliens.

How is it that the United States government should serve as the world's largest employment agency providing "needed" workers to businesses that no longer feel the need to fairly compensate American workers? Why is it OK to create a permanent underclass of low-skilled workers at low wages who ultimately require additional public assistance to get by?

And why should anyone believe that immigration laws will be enforced and our borders be secured? S. 744 is exactly the same "comprehensive immigration reform" package the American public was sold in 1986. Now 27 years later, the Gang of Eight is pushing to legalize at least four times the number of people who received amnesty under the 1986 bill.

Adding tens of millions of low-skilled and heavily government-dependent immigrants to the country increases competition for scarce jobs, reduces wages, and increases the burden of welfare. Our immigration system isn't "broken." America is a land of laws, and anyone who wants to become a citizen is welcome to do so. But do it through legal means.

Ken Hurd


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In my opinion, Mr Hurd's screed reads like Heritage or Freedom Works propaganda. I'm not sure where he gets his convoluted ideas that there are "tens of millions government dependent immigrants" in our country "increasing the burden of welfare". Mr Hurd appears to be an angry zealot armed with opinions and nothing more.

JIm Saunders

Littleton Co.

Saturday, February 8, 2014 | Report this

I think Mr. Hurd is correct in his assessment that "adding tens of millions of low-skilled and heavily government-dependent immigrants to the country increases competition for scarce jobs"...for those that will actually seek, accept and execute jobs rather than choose to live of the government dole. The growth in welfare food stamps and medicaid recipients is well documented, as well as the fact that the fasting growing group of recipients are illegal aliens. The cost of supporting an illegal alien and the accompanying extended family is far more than the simple cost of a lost job for a citizen. That has also been documented in numerous independent studies. This fact further exacerbates the unemployment situation because it allows physically capable people to choose government support over gainful employment. Far from sounding like "an angry zealot", Mr. Hurd appears to be a well informed citizen that is tire of watching his country be given away for the purchase of votes that allows career, professional politicians to strangle this country to death.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 | Report this

I'm not sure where all these so called well documented studies come from according to Highlander. Heritage, Freedom Works and conservative groups funded by the Koch brothers no doubt. I can imagine a well documented study by one of these groups filled with gloom and doom alarm of illegal aliens in our midst stealing our money, our homes and our jobs.

I find Highlanders comment that the "cost of supporting an illegal alien and the accompanying extended family is far more than the simple cost of a lost job" hard to swallow. Highlander and Hurst would no doubt direct us to read some well documented report written by Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh to back their exaggerated and biased claims.

Thursday, February 13, 2014 | Report this

Opinions either for or against are based on the liberal and conservative talking points; so let's just try some math and see how the numbers add up. We can use the house on my street as an example. The "family" is actually two couples with four children. While the illegal car repair business run out of the garage may or may not report income and pay business and collect sales taxes, focus on the people.

At low wages and household income, $30,000/yr is $1,860 in SS taxes paid. Income taxes for 6 dependents $0. Sales taxes, maybe $600/yr. School property taxes paid by landlord, $500 or less. Total taxes paid at Federal, State, and Local levels, maybe $3,000 total.

Costs: 4 children in school, $20,000/yr. Free lunch at school $2,000, Medicaid maybe $10,000

If they are legalized - add housing assistance, AFDC, day care, expanded health care costs, EITC, social security, disability, and unemployment insurance coverage. Taxes paid will remain the same, and though they already cost much more than they pay, legalizing will ramp those costs higher still.

In this world, there are maybe 6 Billion people that would be economically better off moving to the U.S. - I don't have room for 40 people in my house, do you? No matter how big your heart and desire to help them all, having them all move here is simply not a viable or logical solution. Better to use your brain and figure out how to help them improve their own country.

Monday, May 5, 2014 | Report this

Mr. Hurd's comments were succinct, intelligent, provocative, accurate and consistent with recent-past history. The comment immediately following about "screed" is written by someone only intelligent enough to name-call, but not capable of using logic.

What Mr. Hurd didn't say was A) the whole idea of America not having viable borders and charging into hell in a handbasket has been just one of many stated published goals leading to American collapse . . . goals of the CPUSA (American Communist Party), American Fabian Socialists and Progressive American politicians for well beyond 55 years. Read the book or see the movie Agenda for more info. For those who are interested in truth, B) consider this: the great financial collapse beginning at the end of 2007, was created by three progressive Presidents (Jimmy Carter, George Bush the elder, and especially by Bill Clinton). Carter passed the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 forcing banks and mortgage companies to give suspect loans (less than 3% down payment) to unqualified would-be home buyers. Bush, the Elder, refused to veto a bill expanding this CRA '77 into the government loan sphere. Bill Clinton, in his autobiography My Life, brags on p. 517-8 that of the 24 years of the CRA '77 program "well over 90%" of the loans created by the law's first 24 years (1977-2001)were made during his eight years in office. Clinton expanded CRA '77 four separate times. The last Clinton expansion of CRA '77 in 1998 allowed people without jobs and no "income" except foodstamps to get into $300,000 homes with 0% down payment; and illegal aliens into $150,000 homes also without down payment.

I highly recommend the movie America: Imagine a World without Her . . . for anyone interested in the future of this country.

Robert VanDeHey


| Friday, August 15, 2014 | Report this