Parties should back off in nonpartisan races


I’m so disgusted by the antics of some of our politicians who are running for mayor of Westminster. Those Democrats and Republicans are both to blame for the mess it has become.

It’s happening now

Both political party politics insists that they are only doing it because the opposition party folks are already holding forums, coffees, etc. limited to a special “invitation only.” In other words they are using the partisan label to make sure only party candidates of their persuasion are in attendance at these secret events.

The other day I received a call from a candidate who asked me to verify that a Republican forum was going to be held at the Pillar of Fire for Republicans only. It was to be moderated by former Republican official Robert Ramirez. Sure enough I called a Republican informant and he verified that he was invited. He said the Democrats are doing it too.

So then I called a Democrat who denied what the Republican person said about both sides holding such events. The Democrat candidate was adamant that if such forums were occurring right under her nose she’d really be ticked off.

The Westminster Charter makes reference to a non-partisan adherence, but it’s pretty fuzzy and can be interpreted several ways. However, over the years city council elections have always been non-partisan. When I ran for city council (1965-1981) we never gave a thought to what political party the candidates were affiliated with. And that’s the way it should be but until our candidates say STOP it will get worse.

So let’s let reason out

Okay, maybe the politicians want secrecy but we want transparency and to that end I’m going to publish the basic information on the four mayoral candidates so you will know at least that much about the candidates for now:  Herb Atchison, 303-915-5625,; Bob Briggs, 303-429-2156,; Mary Lindsey, 303-429-7666,; Scott Major, 720-323-7787,

Issues abound

It seems to me the candidates are so busy trashing each other that discussion of some important issues are going by the wayside.

Folks, the city has huge development issues at the Westminster Mall. The city has $40 million invested in that property. We need some further explanation about that huge investment and how it affects our tax base.

And Westminster seems a little behind other area cities when it comes to development of older Westminster. Maybe the commuter rail station at 71st and Irving Street will trigger some coveted development so sorely needed.


Finally we need sound, reasoned people on that council right now. Westminster has a lot at stake and sound thinkers are few and far between.

Stay well, stay involved and stay tuned.

Vi June is past Democratic state representative for House District 35. She is a former mayor of Westminster and a former newspaper publisher. A Westminster resident for more than four decades, she and her husband, Bob, have five grown children and eight grandchildren.


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