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The United States is overdue to come to grips with gun control. Just like we love our cars, big screen TVs and red meat, Americans adore their handguns, rifles and shotguns. The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is so overstretched in its interpretation it is almost funny. But it isn’t funny at all given the horrific deaths which guns can cause with sick people behind the gun stock or pistol handle.

No one is suggesting you cannot have a gun to protect yourself or go hunting. But to have AK-47s and 100 bullet clips is totally beyond the Second Amendment. In fact, let’s put the Second Amendment in context when it was written — muskets and black powder to keep the Brits and Indians away. It is past time for Congress to take a stand on reducing the chance of another Aurora Century Theatre or Newtown, Conn., incident. Will it be a cure-all? Of course not, but it is a start.

Jessica’s Memorial Park

Westminster City Council’s commitment to the Jessica Ridgeway Memorial Park is to be commended. While the tragedy of her death will always be with us, the renaming and redevelopment of Chelsea Park in her memory is very special. The involvement of so many people through their contributions, Jefferson County, the city of Westminster, the Westminster Rotary Club and the Westminster Legacy Foundation are a clear testament to what this community is made of.

No state law needed

Senate Bill 25 would make it easier for firefighters across Colorado to form unions where there are 50 or more personnel. At least two dozen fire departments would be affected including those which already have collective bargaining. Unionization of municipal and district employees has always been a local determination and it should stay that way.

A state mandate is not needed nor wanted. It would usurp local decision-making and cost local taxpayers more. This is not sound public policy. However, proponents of this legislation are pointing to the city of Westminster as a reason for unionization. They contend the city continues to thwart the Constitutional rights of employees in supporting council and mayoral candidates.

Congrats to Greg

Congrats to Greg Mastriona on his outstanding career heading up Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District since 1972. His visionary style brought us Water World with its many enhancements and new rides, Adventure Golf, joint ventures with Westminster at the Ice Center, expansion of the Hyland Hills golf courses and the MAC along with lots of recreational programming and park expansions. Residents of all ages have and will enjoy the legacy he provided. Thanks Greg for your service and creativity. Enjoy your retirement!

Moving ahead

It’s time to bury the finger-pointing. The Broncos lost fair and square. Let’s face it; the Baltimore Ravens outplayed the Broncos on that fateful day. That is what sports is all about. We had a great run with the string of 11 straight wins, but our team sputtered. Let’s put it to bed and look forward to next season.

Bill Christopher is former city manager of Westminster and used to represent District J on the RTD board of directors.


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