Store owners say goodbye to Garland


To make room for the new Walmart Neighborhood Market, retail stores at the Garland Center will be relocated and the aging infrastructure will be razed.

Elegant Ink occupied a space at the center for five years and moved her shop to 11221 Washington St. earlier this month.

“I am super happy at the new location and it worked out a lot better,” said Katherine Anne, owner of Elegant Ink. The move has provided more visibility, she said and customers are able to locate her shop better.

City officials assisted Anne in relocating her business by covering moving expenses.

“They were very helpful,” said Anne. “It was a positive experience for me overall,” she said.

Garland Barber Shop owner Maria Archuleta, who has operated her family-owned business out of the Garland Center for the past 23 years, said her shop is one of only two businesses left in the dilapidated shopping center after Tug’s Bar and Grill closed its doors at the end of last month.

Archuleta said she is making final arrangements to move out of the shopping center and into a new Thornton location at 2683 E. 120th Ave. by April 1.

“We knew that this shopping center would eventually probably get sold or redeveloped,” Archuleta said. “I know change is inevitable, but after you’re in a place for so long you become accustomed to it. I think I’ll be better in a new location, because we have no foot traffic here anymore.”

But it was not always this way.

Archuleta said the shopping center was bustling with activity about seven years ago, when the Bingo Barn, Tug’s Bar and Grill, a tae kwon do studio, Social Services office and Department of Motor Vehicles office attracted a lot of new customers every day.

“It’s a little sad that I’ve seen a lot come and go over the 23 years that I’ve been here,” Archuleta said. “It’s sad to know the people that you knew around you are going to be dispersed into different directions, but I think where we’re going is a new change. I’m thinking on a positive side rather than a negative side, and I think you have to after you’ve done this for so long.” 


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