The good, the bad and the ugly


What a week! Our parish priest summed it all up when he said the negative news is running roughshod over the good news.

A pox on North Korea

We haven’t even come to terms with Afghanistan and here we are, the good ‘ol USA, about to play war with the kid of 28 years old talking tough about a nuclear war with us. Someone should have pushed him over that three-story edge of the building where he was “receiving the troops”.

Why does the USA always have to be the one to work out a truce? It’s time, at least it is for me, to say shoot that missile down and take the Korea government office along for the ride. This whole mess calls for high level diplomacy.

Where is Hillary when we need her? John Kerry just can’t cut it.

It took a Colorado U.S. Rep, Doug Lamborn to disclose to the Defense Intelligence Agency that North Korea may well have a missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon.

If Lamborn could ferret out that sobering news, who else had to know this information.

It certainly made me have a lot less confidence in our defense agency staff. And now that we have the information what are we going to do about it?

I’ve never cared much for ultra conservative Lamborn but I must say he’s garnered new respect from me.

And now that the bad and the ugly are out there, what are we citizens to do but pray that cooler heads prevail.

Quote of the Week

“I can’t take you with me to Heaven if you don’t quit lying!” Overheard at Westy’s café

P.S. Judge Chris Melanakis, when sentencing Donald Scarlett to 42 years for beating a toddler to death, said Adams County Social Services should be put in front of a grand jury to find out if they are guilty of criminal neglect for not keeping the baby safe.

Stay well, stay involved and stay tuned.

Vi June is past Democratic state representative for House District 35. She is a former mayor of Westminster and a former newspaper publisher. A Westminster resident for more than four decades, she and her husband, Bob, have five grown children and eight grandchildren.


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