Will it never end?


The sun barely set on the end of the Colorado Legislature and some Republicans decided to pull a recall election on a few Democrats who didn’t vote the way those Republicans wanted.

At first those pesky Republicans included Sen. Evie Hudak in their plan but evidently they took the water temperature and decided it would be too hard to gather enough registered voter signatures (about 8,000) to get that job done by June 4 so they set their sights on Sen. John Morse of Colorado.

Do you know how hard it is to pull off a recall?  It requires a bunch of dedicated folks to go door-to-door and usually they end up hiring professional petitioners to get the job done.

For now Evie has escaped the onslaught of criticism they were planning to levy on her. 

So? Evie voted for some gun legislation and some other stuff that those hate mongers disliked.  I’m not a big fan of Evie’s, but I’d go out of my area to help get that recall recalled.

I’m maybe not going to get all riled up because Evie does not live where I do, but after all, the people voted her in and she should complete her four-year term.

It behooves us to keep our elected officials in office if all they are guilty of is to make a few unfavorable votes. Come on folks, let democracy flourish and keep it out of the hands of the radicals.

In my younger years I too was a bit of a radical — especially in Westminster politics in the 60’s — but now I’m old and mellow and my veins have also softened.

Back at the County

Now, to the problems at the Adams County Commissioner post.  Seems the new commissioners are getting pretty strident. 

My goodness, where is freedom of speech if folks can’t assemble at the doors of the commissioner office.  I

It is our county!

It’s a pretty weak defense if the only reason to keep protesters out is a storm water levy question and yes, it is considered a tax anyway you slice it.

Another Problem

Then we have Adams County Sheriff Doug Darr fighting with the local police chiefs of our county over the impact of sending city lawbreakers back into society because Darr has ruled he doesn’t want them taking up space at the jail that he deems critical to his operation.

When I was Mayor of Westminster in the 1960’s and 1970’s, we were fighting that same issue and paying $39 a day to the county and here we are arguing it again.

Close to Home

Wow!  Talk about spoiling the Westminster City Council Mayoral contest in November. 

Outgoing Councilor Mary Lindsey threw a real curve ball hat into the race. That means Herb Atchison, Bob Briggs, Scott Major and Mary Lindsey are all in the race.

Westminster has a penchant for electing women and this, the only woman in the race so far could split up that 40 percent requirement so no one gets elected on the first round. 

This is going to get real interesting as already Bob Briggs has a colored ad in last week’s Westminster Window. 

He calls himself “home grown” but others say he lived in unincorporated Adams County for a number of years.

It’s no secret Mayor Nancy McNally is firmly behind Scott Major and that’s a big boost for Scott.

Stay well, stay involved and stay tuned.

Vi June is past Democratic state representative for House District 35. She is a former mayor of Westminster and a former newspaper publisher. A Westminster resident for more than four decades, she and her husband, Bob, have five grown children and eight grandchildren.


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