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Letter: Is trash decision made?


Bill Christopher brings up interesting observations about talking trash in Westminster Council's meetings in his article in the Westminster Window Feb. 9 issue. This talk is going on for a year now.

At one of the meetings, the mayor was talking about having a hearing on it. So what happened with it?

He talks about a lot of moving parts, like fees, haulers, recycling, models, etc. What a headache!

But all these would be solved by free enterprise. Leave it as it is. We have no 15 trucks going around here and nobody bothered by the trashcans.

The city is working on the how. Is this a diversion from the problem, just taking away choices? Is it like the kid asked how he would like to take a medicine, with syrup, sugar, or orange flavor, instead of talking about whether to take it or not? Is it already decided?

Americus Kalmar



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