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Letter: Northglenn's new Taj Mahal


A $23 million justice center and future home for the Northglenn police is not even built but it is already stained by injustice.

Planned since 2014, the City Council collaborated with City Hall to advance several resolutions for this large project.

Regretfully, on Aug. 18 in a three-hour open house, the city forced a done deal with no price limits on future expenses and no voter approval on the city. The price has escalated from $21 million to $23 million, which would consume one-third of the city budget. The scheme of financing has not been made public and no itemized details or ancillary expenses have been made available to the public.

Northglenn's city charter reads "We the people of the city deserve responsible self-government." Encouraging active participation means also our right to vote.

Residents are already burdened by high costs and this price is much too high. A City Council collaborating in this and failing to represent the electorate should be replaced.

The citizens of Northglenn are not against improving and modernizing or providing better working conditions for the rank-and-file of our police department. We agree with the chief of police.

However, we condemn when a large project is to be built on an unfavorable, isolated site in an unaesthetic, immoral and shameful way.

Northglenn claims to be acting in accordance of and within the law. But by bypassing and denying the people a vote, the city is ruling at will under the camouflage of democracy, polarizing the city and subjugating its residents.

Helmut Koeckert,



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