Adam Matkowsky, candidate for Senate District 24


Party: Independent

City: Thornton, CO

Profession: Police Officer


What makes you the best choice for this office?

Our political system is broken. Both political parties are going to extremes and these extremes are threatening what's great about this country, the country I've proudly served my whole adult life both in war and on the beat.

This political divide and hardening of positions are making it very difficult to address real issues by finding workable solutions through compromise. The two political party system needs a shakeup. I want to provide that shakeup.

What can the Legislature do to ease the strain of rising housing prices on Colorado residents?

First, don't do anything that would increase the cost to build homes, condos and apartments. When legislatures do that, those additional costs are passed onto the price of the home or rent. The best way to increase affordable housing is to increase supply.

If we are able to accomplish the above, we can then work with our homebuilders and apartment complexes on incentives and knocking down of barriers for more attainable housing.

​What can be done to ensure the state's transportation system will be able to accommodate continued population growth?

Let's Go Colorado would help some issues right away and I support this proposition. But the two political parties have been unable to come together to help fix an obvious issue, an issue impacting so many Coloradans. That's unacceptable. If both political parties actually work together on this issue, results can happen. I helped fix 300 miles of roads in Thornton working with my fellow councilmembers. I'll work for the same in the Senate.

What two issues demand more attention in the upcoming Legislative session than they received in the previous one, and why?

Opioids. I've seen close up so many people physically suffer, and their families emotional suffer, from this addiction. We need to stop it before more of our kids see their lives ruined. With my background, I have the knowledge and experience to lead on this.

Schools. It's time to figure out a way to properly fund our schools and give all of our teacher's raises. Their jobs are too important for us not to act.

If elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

Provide a truly independent voice in the Senate and force both political parties to have to build consensus instead of voting strictly party line. The Senate will be made up of about the same number of Republicans and Democrats. Just one independent like me can ensure neither party has an outright majority. Then some level of consensus would be required. The residents of Senate District 24 can help make this happen by electing me.


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