Kim Tavendale, candidate for House District 33


Party: Libertarian

City: Broomfield

Profession: Minister


What makes you the best choice for this office?

As a Libertarian, I have much in common with both major parties so I can find common ground with both sides of the house. There are no big-money donors donating to my campaign so I do not need to pander to a particular industry nor owe any favors. I am dedicated to principles over party and will act in the best interest of individuals and their rights, rather than toe a party line.

What can the Legislature do to ease the strain of rising housing prices on Colorado residents?

What I have seen is that over-burdensome regulations, regulations that fall in the “nice to have” rather than “essential for safety” categories, have contributed a great deal to increased costs in construction which drive up the price of houses, apartments and especially condos. Legislation was brought in last year to help reform some of these issues and I would look to further reduce impediments to affordable construction in the state while maintaining safety standards.

What can be done to ensure the state's transportation system will be able to accommodate continued population growth?

Stop spending money on things that don't ease the strain on our transportation situation. Instead, put those dollars towards strategies that do help, such as fixing roads, implementing better traffic flow and restoring our HOV lane systems to two passengers rather than requiring three passengers to reduce single-occupancy vehicles, which was the purpose of the HOV lanes. 

Wherever we can streamline our processes and create efficiencies, we should do so to maximize every dollar spent.

​What two issues demand more attention in the upcoming Legislative session than they received in the previous one, and why?

A concern for most Coloradans is the costs of health care and health insurance. We need to reduce costs and increase transparency while creating strategies to ensure those with chronic or life-threatening health issues can access healthcare.

Another issue in Colorado is education and PERA. Our teachers feel they aren't being paid adequately for the work they do and the stress they are under and our children are behind much of the first world.  ​

If elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

To repeal as many useless and outdated laws as possible, reduce regulations that deter business start-up and growth and increase individual liberty and prosperity.


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