Mike McIntosh, candidate for Adams County Sheriff


Party: Republican

City: Brighton

Profession: Current Sheriff of Adams County

Contact: SheriffMikeMcIntosh@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/sheriffmichaelmcintosh (@sheriffmichaelmcintosh) ; www.twitter.com/mtmcintosh33 (@mtmcintosh33)


What must an effective Sheriff accomplish?

A Sheriff's first priority is public safety which is most effectively provided by developing trust and rapport within our community. Strong training and development of Sheriff's Office personnel are crucial, along with the ability to foster character-filled leaders within the agency. Adams County is very diverse. An effective Sheriff will identify and respond to individual needs, providing distinguished service to all of Adams County: citizens as well as employees.

What traits are crucial for a Sheriff to possess?

The level of responsibility and influence that a Sheriff holds is unlike any other position in law enforcement. A Sheriff is the chief law enforcement officer for all of Adams County. Therefore, it is crucial for a Sheriff to possess line-officer, detective, administrative and executive experience. It is vital for a Sheriff to be a person of impeccable character with a transparent background. A Sheriff must have a heart of service and care for people.

How has population growth affected crime in Adams County?

We see unparalleled growth, with over 500,000 people now living in Adams County. This brings potential concerns over homelessness, opioid addiction, mental health concerns, and traffic issues among others, which do not break laws but can contribute to crime trends. The solution is a matter of vision. By predicting trends, we can work to prevent crime. Working to prepare and anticipate needs gives us the opportunity to preclude problems rather than reacting to them.

How can deputies be trained to better handle calls related to mental illness?

ACSO Deputies in the jail and in the field receive valuable mental-health-specific training. Crisis Intervention Training helps identify when someone is in a mental illness crisis and provides appropriate steps toward de-escalation. This often brings peaceful resolutions, often without arrest or unnecessary criminal charges, and increased safety. As Sheriff, I also require Academy Cadets to take a Mental Health First Aid course for First Responders until their Crisis Intervention Training can be completed in full.

Should it be easier to take guns away from people with mental illness who are deemed a threat to themselves or others?

In the ACSO, we take an oath to uphold the constitution of the U.S. and the State of Colorado. Just as we preserve rights under the fourth (unreasonable search and seizure) and 14th (due process and equal protection) Amendments, we must also preserve those of the second amendment. 

No, I do not believe it should be “easier” if that means sacrificing due process and equal protections afforded to all citizens, including those with mental illness.


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