Shannon Bird, candidate for House District 35


Party: Democrat

City: Westminster

Profession: Attorney

Contact:, Twitter: @skbird77, Facebook:

What makes you the best choice for this office?

My commitment to our community and relevant professional skills make me the best candidate. I have been a dedicated volunteer in our public schools, chaired a campaign to pass much-needed school funding and currently serve on the Westminster City Council. I am an attorney with a background in complex finance transactions and have a B.A. in Economics, an M.B.A., an M.S. Finance and J.D. This unique combination is the leadership our State needs.

What can the Legislature do to ease the strain of rising housing prices on Colorado residents?

Too many people cannot afford a place to live in our State. We need better state policy to encourage the construction of more housing that people can afford, such as townhomes and condominiums. An increased supply of housing will help bring costs down. Further, contributing to the high cost is the shortage of qualified workforce to build new homes. Our State can do more to invest in training a skilled workforce to address this concern.

What can be done to ensure the state's transportation system will be able to accommodate continued population growth?

Our State Legislature can ensure that investment in our transportation system is prioritized. Traffic congestion, which is detrimental to everyone's quality of life, is a serious concern as is the poor current condition of our State's roads, highways and bridges. These challenges mush be addressed to ensure that our transportation system can support Colorado's growing, healthy economy. To accomplish these objectives, our State will require additional funding and this is why I support Initiative 110.

What two issues demand more attention in the upcoming Legislative session than they received in the previous one, and why?

Funding for our public schools and the uncontained, growing cost of health insurance. We need increased investment in Colorado's public schools so that all of Colorado's children are receiving a high-quality education and so that Colorado can attract and retain the best teachers. 

Additionally, too many people cannot afford health insurance and if they have insurance, fear losing their coverage. Our State must protect people's ability to get the healthcare they need. ​

If elected, what must you accomplish in order for you to consider your term a success?

My time in our Legislature will be a success if I am able to (1) prioritize and increase investment in our children's education; (2) create policy that brings down the cost of housing; and (3) bring down the cost of health insurance and ensure that people are able to obtain quality healthcare when they need it.


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